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Uttarakhand is the newly formed state which has difficult and different geographical landscape than other states of our country. It requires lots of awareness building initiatives to bring about any positive change in the outlook of the society towards persons with disabilities.

Due to lack of awareness, the visually impaired are not able to utilize the facilities provided by the State and Central government departments. The entire Uttarakhand is primarily divided in two Division - Garhrawal and Kumaoun. In Garhrawal Mandal there are about a dozen organizations working for the welfare of visually impaired people but Kumaoun Mandal has not got such facilities. Large area of Uttarakhand is shrouded in mountains, difficult terrain and forests. The sighted students have to walk several kilometers on foot to reach the school from his hometown to get the basic education. In the above critical situation it is very difficult for a visually impaired student to attend the school regularly without having guidance or proper residential facilities.

Keeping in mind the above circumstances we have established a State Branch of National Association for the Blind, India at Haldwani in Nainital District. NAB Uttarakhand is first and only Institution working for the welfare of visually impaired in this region. We firmly believe that the visually impaired student does not need any sympathy because they are capable of doing thing better than a sighted student if they get proper technical, moral support and opportunities.

About National Association for the Blind

The National Association for the Blind- Uttarakhand is one of the non-governments, voluntary organization in India. NAB has 22 state and 66 district level branches to reach out to the large number of visually challenged people. National Association for the Blind (NAB) Uttarakhand was established on Sept. 23, 2003 at Haldwani in the presence of Mr. Clarence A. Gomes, Executive Director NAB India. NAB is registered under society registration act XXI of 1860 and also registered with Directorate of Social Welfare, Uttarakhand under P.W.D. act/ under 12 (a) and 80 G of Income Tax act 1961.

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